Words to include and avoid in a Perfect Resume.

Creating a resume for seeking a certain job position is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that should be considered and taken care of in order to create a perfect and outclass resume. Employers and hiring managers often judge a person’s personality and dedication towards getting the job through his resume and the way it is written and designed. Therefore it is important to be very careful when making your resume.

Following a specific format for the resume and avoiding several points is a basic understanding and most people know it completely already. However, what people fail to realize and acknowledge is the choice of words that they are using in the resume. There are several words that should be avoided while writing a resume, whereas several other words have a strong positive impact on employers.

Words to use in the resume

Following are some of the words that should be used in the professional CV writing to leave a strong effect on the hiring managers.

Action verbs like:

Achieved: Gives a strong effect and shows the employers that you have worked hard enough and managed to attain a certain project or task that you were assigned.

Improved: Shows the new employers that your abilities and skill set has caused real and excellent benefits o the previous company you were working with. Since employers want positive results in their own organizations, therefore, it could serve as a great convincing factor.

Trained/mentored: if you have managed and trained any person or group of people in your professional life, make sure to mention it as it gives an idea that you are experienced in managing other people as well.

Managed: Managed is another word similar to trained and mentored however it could also work for tasks and projects. You must mention the management tasks that you have done in your past experiences. Always talk about management achievements in terms of figures as it creates a greater impact.

Volunteered:  This word shows your willingness and efforts to step up and initiate several tasks on your own even when those are not your responsibility. It creates a positive impact on the employers in which your personality seems to be of help and challenge taker type.

These, along with other words, like resolved, influenced, and launched etc are strong words which must be used on a resume to impress and attract the hiring managers.

Words to avoid in the resume

Following are the words that CV writers must avoid at all cost from adding in the resume. These words can leave a negative image of your professional abilities and personality.

Best of breed: This phrase sounds more like a winner American Kennel Club show for dogs. Avoid using such overused and cliché phrases like these which the hiring managers have read and heard multiple times and now find it meaningless.

Go-Getter: This is another cliché term which does not attract hiring managers anymore. Instead of using this phrase, try to mention the situation where you achieved the results solely through your capabilities. Examples are more effective instead of cliché phrases.

Think outside of the box: It has now become an overused phrase in resumes. Instead of using this, go for more powerful words like conceptualized, developed or created and mention the actual situation to provide specifics to the employers.

Go-To Person: This phrase seems to be vague and too generalized. Instead of using this term, think of the situation where you seemed to be the only source of help or the person you helped at several different difficult situations. Mention actual examples because again, examples are much more powerful than phrases.

Value added: This is again a vague term. Instead of using this, go for mentioning the actual examples in which you helped the company grow and added value there. No doubt highlighting such achievements is important but use more impactful words like increased/decreased, under budget, or revenue/profits to give a more accurate idea.

These words hold importance of their own and people do not realize the effects. It is important to understand the effects and importance of words used in CV for describing your abilities and experiences. Hiring managers and employers sometimes look along the lines and the usage of right words add into the chances of the candidate getting hired.

Resumes must be carefully written and professionally designed for an excellent personality image on the employers. There are multiple agencies providing excellent and professional CV writing services to the people who are unable to write a professional resume for an upcoming job position. These agencies have professional writers and designers who make sure to develop excellent quality resumes for the clients.

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