How to Write a Good CV Summary

How To Write a Good CV Summary With No Experience – Tips and Examples

Are you worried about getting a job without having experience? It’s time to hunt for your first job without worry about the experience! Which can really be nail-biting in this intensive job market if you don’t have real-life experience. This is exactly where job hunters are stuck while making their resumes.

But let me share an amazing secret that helps you in getting a job without having experience! That is – a Well written CV. You really don’t want work experience; you just need to make a significant difference in your resume. Job seekers get frustrated when they are straight off with no experience to speak off. If they are students, so they have to face challenges while getting a part-time job.

If you are up to making a CV without having work experience and you are thinking that how to write a good CV, you are in the right place. This article is for you and those individuals facing trouble with black spaces in the resume. This article completely guides you on where to start with, what to include and the right template to choose. Therefore, don’t you worry! Here are the amazing tips to make your professional resume without having experience.

Start with a professional header:

Make sure that your resume starts with a proper header that should include your name, updated phone number, email address and engaging profile. You should write an engaging profile to compel the hiring manager to be ambitious and passionate about the work. To write the best profile, you must be remember that your presentation skills matter a lot rather than your work experience. Your presentation skills count the most in your resume rather than your experience. Even you don’t have any formal experience as you’re just pass out alumni or a student who needs a job to bear their expenses. For this, you don’t need to start your profile with “I am”. Start directly with descriptive words helps in gaining recruiters attention.

Here is an example you can follow while making your resume without any experience:

Innovator and performance-driven entrepreneur having 5 years of start-up experience. Eager to learn and grow without halting at any point. A relentless optimist who believes in there is no failure, only feedback.

Proper structure and format of a resume:

You are about to write a resume with no experience, which means that you have no experience writing a resume at all. Here we are discussing the most followed resume format and a good CV summary that must comprised of all-important sections.

  • Header: it includes all the contact details of the person
  • Objectives: a summary of your resume or your career
  • Education: list your school, college, and universities. But start with your recent education
  • Experience: your work experience. Puzzled? Wait a bit! For the further explanation
  • Skills: list your all core abilities.

Apart from this, you can also add other sections like your hobby, languages you are aware of, certifications and your achievements. This can add value to your resume, as you don’t have any work experience, which is a prime requirement for every organization these days. If you are not sure about writing a resume, you can take the help of a professional CV writing service in your town.

Add you’re relevant experience:

What? Experience!

Are you getting confused that what I said?

If yes, so stay calm ­­­­– take a full flashed breathe! We will explain you everything step by step.

Recruiters only want one thing in the name of experience.

That is, are you perfect for the posted job?

To show that you are the best fit for the job, you don’t need experience; you just need to perfectly present yourself as per recruiter requirements.

If you don’t have any experience, you need to volunteer, or freelance, or add any relevant courses. It helps in gaining the hiring manager’s attention.

If you haven’t worked as a freelancer or voluntary, the best way to get hired is to take the short notes of the job ad. After taking the notes, what do you need to do? You need to add that requirement in your skills section and incorporate that terminology in any past relevant scenario.

For example:

Instead of stating this:

Attended many entrepreneurship seminars.

Wrote blogs for the local website.

You can say this:

Attended various seminars on entrepreneurship to grow and sustain the business effectively in highly intensive competition.

Wrote 20+ creative and SEO optimized content articles and blogs for the local firm to rank their website on the Google results.

Add your education and academic details:

The professional CV makers from renowned resume writing services emphasized in the academic section, you must add your complete education and academic achievements. But starts your academic section from your current education till your schooling. Mention the school, college and university you studied from, along with the starting and ending years. In addition to that, you must add your percentage and your grades to show your achievements.


Columbia University, New York

Bachelors in business administration

(January 2017- December 2020)

Add your relevant skills:

This article focuses on making a resume with no experience, so it is highly suggested to carefully add your skills to the resume. You can make a notes of skills that a recruiter requires for the job. Choose and pick the skills, which you have and which are required by the recruiter. The addition of relevant skills compels the hiring managers to instantly consider you the best fit for the company. You can uniquely list your skills, for example:

  • Leadership: team management, resource planning, public speaking and budgeting,
  • Analytical skills: statistics, data entry, big data analysis
  • Computer literacy: proficient in MS Office, SEO and basic programming.
  • Professionalism: personal and professional communication, office etiquette, active listening, time management.
  • Language: English (native), French (conversational)

You can also add other sections like your hobby, languages you know, and certification and achievements.

Examples for achievements:

I was rewarded with a BEST BUSINESS IDEA 2021 in my entrepreneurship course, which I had studied for my university degree.

Therefore, this article presents you with a solution to your all problems regarding your CV. In this, we guided you, how to get benefits from relevant experience to be hired. Even if you’re still unemployed, what is the best way to fill a white gap on your CV, which is usually filled with your work experience? Similar to this, you will also find some guidance that how to begin your CV until the end in this article. What employer should focus on if there is no work experience in the resume? Hopefully, this article helps you in making good CV with no experience.