What is the Difference Between CV and Resume?

Writing this article brought me back to those days when getting hired was my ultimate aim. The days, the struggles, and the mistakes I made during my expedition in getting hired at a prestigious organization are never to be forgotten. Back in those days, the words in the job posting that particularly made my mind go spinning were CV and resume. If you are someone like me, then my friend you have landed yourself in the right place. Have a look below to witness the difference between both the terms:

  • What is a Curriculum Vitae?

This document provides a detailed outline of the individual’s education and profession in a chronological structure. It can include all the information ranging to education, honors, certification and more, which makes it quite extensive. The document is centered on highlighting the academic accomplishment of the individual.

  • What is a Resume?

This paper demonstrates the summary of the individuals in terms of his qualification, professional experience, and courses along with the personal information. The information incorporated in it is in alignment to the applied job. It can be quite contemplating as to decide what to include and not, which usually possess problem for the candidates. The document, however, is center on emphasizing the skills of the candidate.

  • What is the length of Curriculum Vitae?

The length usually is more than of resume. It often ranges from two or more. It also categorized the content in headings to make it easy for the reader to review the application in the most effective way. The heading usually integrated includes education, achievements, experience, certifications, references, and more.

  • What is the length of a Resume?

Since it is a brief about the person, its length is short and the content integrated has less categorization. The standardized size of the resume by the employers is one page. Therefore, only most relevant and selective information is to be inclusive in it, which must be in relation to the job applied for.

  • When is the right time to use Curriculum Vitae and Resume?

This is one of the major challenges candidate faces when on a job hunt. Resumes are mostly part of the applications which are sent to regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. However, the curriculum Vitae is sought in companies which are established in the United State of America, although the use of them is no longer restricted to the geographical regions. Taking into account the discipline it must be noted that if the job you have applied for rest in the domain of academic or medical than applying with a Curriculum Vitae is a more preferred choice and suggestion rather than a resume. Curriculum Vitae is said to be used in disciplines which have a global outreach or related to the education sector, or scientific or medical domain, and positions concerning the research and development.

Wrapping it up

I hope all your questions have been answered in terms of the difference between the two terms. Hiring manager usually takes into consideration the type of application submitted in relation to the job posting. If you are skeptical about it, you can ask the individual or the company hiring manager about it. Make sure that the next time you come across a job posting, you apply in using the right document which exhibits the right kind of expression on them. When I got aware of the importance of this particular factor holds, I wasted no time in devising a striking paper. Thou, I took the assistance of a company which provided CV services to bring the best out of it.

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