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CV Writing Cost – Tips to Hire a Reliable CV Writer in Dubai?

Nowadays it is best to hire a professional writer to create your CV. Especially in a place like Dubai, where corporate world is booming and everyone needs to prove themselves. To find a worthwhile and good paying position in the hustle and bustle of Dubai, an exceptional resume is needed.

Professional CV writer do this job in the best way possible. They know what attracts the eye of potential employers. And how to present your skills and experiences in the best light. However, there are a vast array of services out there and not all of them are reliable. It is important to make a wise decision regarding your resume, as it takes considerable investment on your part. Therefore, we have a number of useful tips to help you out with it.

Hire a Professional Resume Service and Not a Clerical Service

Clerical services also word process your CV for around 100 AED or more. It can be useful yet it is nowhere near the quality you get from an actual writing service. They know how to market your abilities. They are also aware of the latest buzzwords and trends and how to highlight your qualities.    

Ask Around For a Referral

The best sources to get referrals are satisfied clientele or someone already in the business. For instance, a recruiter, employment consultant, career consultant or outplacement consultant. They will suggest you a professional resume writer that can do the job well.

Request for a Meeting Before Hand

Once you find a CV writing company, request for a brief meeting session. Do not ask to speak to the sales rep or the boss himself, but the writer who is going to work on your CV.A firm can have both exceptional and poor writers. In your conversation, ask the writer which strategies will they use in the writing process. If their response in not satisfying look on ahead for another option.  

Watch Out For Form Overuse

Most often, resume professionals ask their clients to fill out long, detailed forms. The form is a good point to begin, yet it shouldn’t encompass the whole process. Do not make deals with a firm that does not offer a session with the writer. The pros will interview you to know who you are before crafting a CV.  

Look For a Fair Fee

A good resume is bound to cost you an above average amount. Yet never pay a CV price by page. A longer CV isn’t necessarily a good one. If the CV is 2 pages long, you can pay for the core content. Whereas, the first page can be customized according to the different jobs you apply for.

Be careful of the fact that a CV written for very low fee is highly unlikely to be of top quality. To make a document that has all elements combined harmoniously the writer must have access to certain technology. And it does not come cheap. So, for your CV to have a good layout, content and up to date format it will cost you more than just a couple hundred AED.

Keep in mind that it is an investment. The process might be expensive yet your career path depends on it. It will be paid off as soon as you get a good position. A well-made CV goes a long way for the price you have paid for it.

Check Resume Samples

Ask the writing service for some samples of their work. Judge not just the content but also the production value of the documents. Choose a writer who makes use of a good laser printer and computer. Also observe the quality of the layout, paper and word processing.

Look Out for Targeted Resumes

Your chosen resume writer should comprehend the concept of a targeted CV. A resume should be personalized. It should have the focus, theme and achievements that represent you. Furthermore, they should match the position or career field you are aiming for. Keep away from writers who use the same templates for all their customers. 

Consider a Certified Writer 

The most reliable CV writers belong to resume-certifying organizations. They are more likely to provide up to date and efficient services because of their authentic background. There are three main organizations that certify resume writers:

  • Professional Association of Resume Writers and Coaches: It is the first organization in the resume crafting industry. It certifies professionals who meet the criteria through examination and experience. Those who are certified by this organization have CPRW or Certified Professional Resume Writer, attached to their name.
  • Careers Directors International Professional Association: This has also a big name in the industry and has four certification levels. These are, Certified Expert Resume Writer, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Certified Federal Resume Writer and Certified Master Resume Writer.
  • National Resume Writer’s Association: It is an independent certifying organization. Writer certified by it can use the title of Nationally Certified Resume Writer.


All these tips will prove to be extremely helpful if you are out searching for a reliable CV writer. The industry of Dubai is jam packed with employment opportunities for all sorts of businesses. You are bound to find your place in it and shine before your potential employers with a great resume. All it takes is to find a professional writer you can work in collaboration with.

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