9 Unique Pre-Employment Personality Tests for Hiring

Through the process of hiring, technical abilities is part of what the recruiters are looking for in an employee. Just hiring the person who has the experience and qualification for doing the job is not enough. They also need to thrive in the corporation’s culture and should be able to build bonds with their co-workers.
The best way to know whether a potential candidate will really be suitable for their company is arranging personality tests for jobs. The results of these tests can be extremely useful in picking out the best candidate for the organization. We have a list of 9 sure fire personality tests for hiring which any company can take benefit from:

  1. The EQ- i 2.0
    The EQ- i 2.0 is considered the best method to assess the personality of a candidate. The test breaks down the EQ score of a person into five separate scores and fifteen subscales which include elements like problem solving and emotionally expressive.
  2. The Predictive Index
    This pre-employment test is a simple process of evaluation that allows the selection of not merely qualified but behaviourally suited employees for the job. The whole process takes around ten minutes and delivers the recruiter with quantifiable data.
  3. The Workplace Big Five
    The Workplace Big Five is a brief test that lasts ten to fifteen minutes and uses a five factor model to assess the personalities of each expectant candidate. It gives a clear insight of how the person will act in likely workplace situations to determine if they are fit for the role or not.
  4. Hogan Development Survey
    This test claims to reveal the darker side of any individual’s personality. It basically helps to explores how the employee behaves in times of stress and strain as that can negatively affect their path to success.
  5. The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire
    This test falls in the category of very established personality assessing surveys for workplaces and is being used for above 30 years in the business industry. It does an exceptional job in measuring the attitude and mannerisms of a candidate.
  6. DiSC Profile
    The DiSC Profile assessment lets the recruiters know how the potential employee responds to other people, problems, processes and pace of work. It allows a glimpse into the behaviour, weaknesses and strengths of a person and makes it easier to understand how they will be responding to requirements of the job.
  7. Clifton StrengthsFinder
    As the name of this tests suggests, it assists in uncovering the strengths of both potential and existent employees within a corporation. It further enables the employers to craft strategies that can develop the highlighted strengths of each worker.
  8. AcuMax Index
    The AcuMax Index seeks to comprehend how an individual will respond during particular scenarios according to the characteristics they possess. It can be extremely helpful in narrowing down the bulk of candidates to the ones who are most suitable for both the job and the company’s culture.
  9. Caliper
    The Caliper test is basically an all-in-one solution to selecting employees for any position whether it is for new entries or vacancies in the upper tier. A company does not have to bother dealing with various sorts of tests when using Caliper as it easily covers all bases of the hiring department.
    These are nine of the most unique personality surveys that improve the hiring process for resume writing companies on a whole new level. Testing for employees can be pretty difficult if done through conventional strategies but these behavioural assessments precisely highlight the traits in a person which makes them most appropriate according to the values and environment of the firm they are applying to.

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