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What should your CV look like in 2019 for Gulf Job

Finding a job is a tough and stressful process. Everyone wants to land a well-paying job with additional company benefits as that is the current description of a settled career. The Gulf area has largely become the most career-friendly place with the bulk of job offers for all ages of people. However, it is not an easy task for a foreigner to impress the employers in the Gulf region as they first prefer to select their own citizens and secondly they are quite picky and often racist. Different employers have a different set of expectations from the employees and job applicators and different CV services have started designing CV specifically tailored for Gulf employers. However, if you are on a job hunt and hoping to get a job in the Gulf region, following are some of the tips to make your CV more impressive for the employers in the Gulf.

Simpler is better

Keep the CV simple but appealing. Simplicity is the best policy as they say. Your CV must be simple and to the point. It must be decent and appealing to the eyes for the employers to get a positive first impression. Any CV with too much designing looks unprofessional and not according to the corporate world. Remember that you are not in an artistic field and therefore, the employers expect to experience and skills not the designing and colors on the CV.

Keep it to the point

Remember that the hiring managers receive thousands of CV and they do not have enough time to go through lengthy CVs comprising of 3-4 pages. Keep your CV as short as possible. Include only the relevant information regarding your experience and education. Do not get into the details of each job you have done, rather only mention your responsibilities and highlights. Similarly, the employers do not care about an in-depth analysis of your secondary and high school; only mention the names of the institutes and education level. However, mention about your latest degree in detail since that is what the employers are most interested in regarding your educational background. If you have done any relevant courses regarding your field of professional life, mention those.

Mention complete personal details

Your CV must include your complete personal data. The employers in the Gulf region reject the CV right away if they are unable to find the personal information such as nationality, age, and marital status. These three are the most important elements of personal data along with the contact number and email address. The employers judge the employees according to their age and nationality. There is no such rule against racism in the corporate world, therefore, a number of employers select the candidates according to their personal preference of nationality and age. It is important to mention your age as well as the nationality so that the employers d not right away reject the CV.

Include your photo

Employers in the Gulf region prefer to have a CV with the photo of the candidate. Like mentioned earlier, age and nationality play a vital role in the landing of job in Gulf area, therefore, the photo makes it easier for the employers to guess the nationality of the candidate as well as his age. It is however not mandatory and can be skipped.

Highlight your achievements

Your CV must clearly mention your achievements throughout your academic and professional life. Highlight them at the beginning of the CV or step by step according to the respective qualification in life. The achievements play a vital role in impressing the employers or hiring managers and these should be mentioned with separate and targeted importance. Achievements also include any projects done in the past companies on your own or the ones in which your skills and expertise played a great role.

Standard formatting

The format of your CV must be according to the standard requirement. The format should be decent with a simple border to enhance the look of your CV. The font should stay consistent and its color should be basic as well. No employers want to see the font in different styles or colors. Single font style throughout the document gives a professional look, similarly the color could be two different one for the headings and one for the body; however, that should also be in decent color and not any tacky colors. Some big companies have started putting out online forms to be filled by the candidates instead of asking for separate CVs. Check if that is the case, then fill that form.

If you are a foreigner and trying to get a job in the Gulf region you must make sure your CV is perfectly impressive for the employers. There is a number of CV writing services that provide assistance in the designing of CVs and you can also try them to get a well-constructed CV.

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