Resume Writing Trends 2018

UAE’s Professional Resume Writing Trends That You Must Follow In 2018

People work their entire life in order to make their careers better step by step covering every aspect so that wherever they apply for jobs they get accepted without facing any difficulty for finding a job in this competitive world. The records of improvement in the careers of people are recorded in a document which is called a resume, which helps a person to apply for an employment and employer to select the best worker for their work out of all the people which applied for the work. The importance of professional resume for occupations is one of the main things which need to be considered before applying for a job anywhere, its importance cannot be stressed upon enough. A person needs to express his or her set of qualities and skills for applying anywhere seeking a job opportunity, resume works as a medium through which a person can advertise him or herself for presenting as an applicant and trying to convince the organizations that he or she is the best person for the job out of all the people. On average recruiter or employer usually takes eight to ten seconds to screen out a resume that is why it is important for a person to design his or her resume in a way that it conveys advertises the person’s skills and qualification which are essential to be conveyed.

Cutting out the old methods:

As the time is advancing the methods and trends of resumes has been changing and specially since the influence of technology has taken over the business world, it is important for a person to advance and improve according to the latest trends of resumes which are currently in fashion specially in UAE which is considered as the hub of opportunities for employment. The times were using old Microsoft resume templates or simple filler words such as “excellent communications skills” or “hardworking” statements are out of styles, that is why it is important to cover the latest trends which are use these days and are very helpful to create a good impression on the employer or recruiter. In the four projecting industries which are technology, healthcare, hospitality and finance, competition has been growing with the time and now firms of the projecting fields are looking for candidates who are fresh, modern and qualified for which it is a significant factor to consider avoiding old methods and adopt ways which shines the candidate out of all the candidates in the line.

Transformation to Visually engaging resume work:

It is simple to realize the influence of visualization on us when we think about the sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope or Snapchat. Every app or site which is successfully used by the people is because the new way of communication which is imagery and visualization. The latest study has found that the reports with contents related to images get 94% more views than content which is simple using words only which is why it can be very helpful using the same strategy in making our resumes more appealing and convincing. We actually don’t need a whole lot of images to decorate our resumes with, but some graphs about our skills and qualities which we possess expressing our areas of expertise will do perfectly good for us, showing the modernization and freshness of the candidate which is exactly firms are looking for.

Creativity within a limit:

Advertising himself is not a task which can be done easily, but creativity can help a person to deliver the representation of oneself which the individual wants to convey. Resumes are usually written simply describing oneself, but what we need is to step out the usual old method and apply some creativity to it like a cover of a resume using infographics information following with the descriptions of infographics on the second page, giving it a touch of magazine, which will show elaborate the information in an interesting way as well as showing the confidence of the person.

Highlighting which is essential:

A recruiter or employers spends no more than eight to ten seconds on a resume, scanning the information he needs to look for recruiting a candidate. But if the resume consists of long paragraphs describing the abilities and skills of the candidate, it will never be read by the recruiter but those qualities will go to waste as it will get ignored. That is why it is important to highlight the information using bullet points in a list, maximizing them to five bullets, incorporating white space the entire resume to create a smooth flow of information, being concise about the information, choosing the correct words to describe himself and using charts, graphical representations and visual imagery to communicate which will definitely convince the recruiter to spend a little more time on the resume.

This era of modernization has major involvement of technology, especially when we talk about in the Middle East like Dubai, it is very important for people to go with the flow and keep up with all the advancement. Shining out in these places where the competitions in the markets are very high in the field of employment, no matter whichever sector it is very important so that the firms decided to select you out of thousands of people which are competing against you. But focusing on the first impressions which are very important for the candidates as they get one chance to represent themselves in front of the employers, resumes need to be in the best forms, in every aspect which creates the opportunity for us to get recruited for the jobs we applied for. These mentioned ways of following the latest trends of resumes will help you to look apart from the candidates competing against you and will increase the chances of getting the job for you.

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