How to Write the Best Resume or CV

How to Write the Best Resume or CV to Impress Gulf Employers?

Once we get hands on the degree, the feeling of freedom is just too good to let go. We are broken from this transition when we are made aware of the saturation of the job market and scarcity of resources. The green card in this highly competitive job market is your resume. Creation of the best resume and best CV require evaluating every single detail inclusive on the paper representing us in front of the hiring manager.

Q: How to Prepare a Resume for Gulf Jobs & Middle East Jobs?prepare a resume for gulf jobs & Middle East jobs

Simplified, up-to-date, and concise

The Middle East is one of the most developing regions around the world. Presence of diversified culture has also sparked up its charm with the plethora of job opportunities on its way for individuals. The job market here is very competitive which requires a great effort from the part of candidates and recruiters alike to extract the cream of all. Some basic questions or thought which provoke in the mind of the users are answered further.

Q: How should I craft my CV?

How should I craft my CVKeep it simple

The magic lies in the simplicity of the applicant submitted curriculum vitae. In other words, the simpler it is the more preferred it is. Therefore, aim to craft an appealing but simple piece of information.

Q: What length should I keep?

The smaller, the better

The resume is always concise mostly centered on one page and a maximum of two. It should aim to provide the insights and exhibit some unique traits of your personality which the recruiters aim to find in a candidate.

Q: Should we add in the picture?

A good but not mandatory approach

The picture helps determine the recruiter whether then individuals in the picture match the profile of the type of candidate we are looking for. It makes the decision easy in terms of hiring while at the same time, it also saves the time. Some candidate may not be comfortable sharing their picture which is why it’s not an obligation.

Q: Should we include the nationality?

Add in the personal details at the last

Candidates are skeptical whether they should integrate the nationality in the CV or not. It is important to include these because they help the recruiter be clear whether the candidate will be able to work in the field or is the work conflicts with his religious or cultural practices and more.

Q: Should we provide the references?

References never hurt but help

The background in the reference means everything. It provides the recruiter with an easy root to check whether the candidate has a prior career experience in the same field, his personality traits, his maturity level and more, crucial for his working in the organization.

Q: What kind of format should we follow?

A simple, intriguing, and impressive format which provides all which is integrated into it in just a glimpse

According to the UAE CV format 2018, the format of the curriculum vitae is reported to be simple. It should be structured in a way that all information follows in a smooth manner.

Q: What are the Tips to Make a Dubai Resume or a CV?

The tip lies in frequently updating the CV or resume and applying it at the right time with the right details.

Tips to Make a Dubai Resume or a CVDespite the variance in the terminology of resume and CV, the employers in the Middle East don’t usually distinguish these and concern them in the same context. As far as Middle East CV examples are concerned, there is a certain set of tips which must be considered when crafting a resume with Dubai best CV formats:

  • Be concise

Being concise means writing the details succinctly in an informed manner. It can include sharing information initially in a concise manner and then later detailing it. This creates a smooth transition for the hiring manager as details flow in step by step. Furthermore, eradicating the use of jargons also facilitates the recruiter.

  • Be relevant

It points towards including only appropriate information in the application. If the information included in the paper is irrelevant, then there is no purpose in reading forward. It requires reviewing the job posting an integrating only those experience and skills in the profile which are parallel to it. According to the published Dubai CV format 2018, the top choices of the recruiters are the CVs which have vivid exhibition of the perfect experiences and skills required for the job. Therefore, candidates should eradicate their approach of blindly sending CVs to the addresses and adopt a strategic approach of crafting to every job posting that is relevant.

Tips to Make a Dubai Resume or a CV

  • Be traditional

It has been observed that the individuals, who try to stand out through the paper, are usually unsuccessful in their endeavor. The reason for this is that they are not aware of the hiring manager likes and dislikes. Instead of adding uniqueness, this backfires landing the CV in the rejected pile. A save approach of being in the recruiter’s good books is to remain conventional with the structuring and alignment as well as fonts and format.

  • Be impressive

Being impressive points towards the uniqueness and innovation involved in resumes. This also illuminates the idea of avoiding the jargons in sentences, making them attain the attention of the reader in just a click. Adding a certain phrase instead of exaggerating words also does the same work. Intriguing the reader with the curriculum vitae will improve your landing interview prospects. Bold the words or underline them to highlight these in front of the recruiter. One more approach adopted is the inclusion of the keywords in the profile on LinkedIn, so that our profile remains on top when a certain keyword is entered.

  • Be intriguing

Being intriguing means adding the interest factor in your profile. The five second the recruiter spends reviewing your profile is most pertinent. It is the time in which he decides whether to move forward with you or not. Therefore, make sure you provide him with something different that portray you as an outcast from the rejected pile.

Q: What mistakes should be avoided in CV?

Don’t elevate, overstate and dramatize your resume

mistakes should be avoided in CVThe mistakes most often made the candidate are that they amplify their achievements and responsibilities in their application. They incorporate the irrelevant stuff in the paper for application and make use of such words and phrases that position their project as the most remarkable of all, which in reality is of the mediocre level. Irrespective of the work you might have put in, make sure you use the correct words and phrases to elaborate it.

Q: How many times should a CV be proofread?

Millions of times if possibleProofread CV

It is true, no matter how many times we review the prepared draft it remains the draft. You know why because we continue learning. However, one must at least review the written content two to three times before clicking on the send button. Search out the typo mistake, grammatical error, format, as well as spacing. These are minor mistakes but make a huge impact in front of the recruiter of us as an individual.

Hope this clears away most of your doubts concerning the devising of the best CV for the job.

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