Get a Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa

How Can you Get a High Paid Job in Dubai on a Visit Visa?

Have you ever desired to get a job in Dubai? Particularly, the answer to this should be why not. Many of the professionals aspire to become a part of Dubai’s workforce. How could an individual stop himself from embarking on a journey to Dubai which has the never-ending demand for labors, provides the immense job opportunities, luxurious lifestyle, tax-free income, and remunerative packages? Surely, a few! Are you one of those desiring candidates who are looking for a job opportunity in Dubai before your visit visa expires? Don’t worry! Look below:

  1. Start the Job Search:

Perfect CV - Job SearchOnce you’ve applied for the Dubai’s work visa, you should start your job search. It is considered ideal because once you get in the visiting country; you won’t have ample time for job-hunting (depending upon the duration of your visa) as well as attending interviews; thus, start early. Become well aware of your job market along with the preferred companies you wish to apply. Moreover, you should prepare the list beforehand and start sending out the applications in order to save your time.


  1. Show Professionalism:

    Once you’re ready to apply to a highly competitive market, Show Professionalismyou should adopt a more professional approach. You’re aware of the fact that the visit visa may expire soon and your opportunity to find the job might decrease; however, you shouldn’t show desperate attitude at all. Telling the recruiter that you’re desperate to get the job doesn’t exhibit professionalism. Once you’ve returned to your home country, you’ve to keep in mind that if a company is interested in hiring you, they’ll ensure to provide you with a plane ticket as well as the work visa when you’ve returned.

  2. Prepare the Best CV:

Resume – yes! It is the potential document along with the cover letter of course. Prepare the Best CVSince you’re investing your quality time and money in finding the best-paid job for yourself; thus, prepare a professional killer cover letter and CV for yourself beforehand. It should be capable enough to attract the recruiter in 6 seconds. Yes! Due to the highly competitive nature of the Dubai job market, the recruiter is likely to spend only 6 seconds in going through your resume. Therefore, you must avoid the major pitfalls such as grammatical mistakes, buzzwords, spelling mistakes and the silly errors.


  1. Adhere to the Timing:

Adhere the TimingAre you well aware of Dubai’s climate around the year? Imagine that you visit Dubai in August when the sun shines at its peak and you’re informed that the hiring manager of your prospective country went on a cold destination vacation. Despite the fact that recruitment occurs around the year, it is still recommended that you consider the weather. The ideal month period for visiting Dubai is from November to March.

  1. Set Out The Daily Targets:

Once you’ve prepared the list of prospective companies, what should you do now? Set out the daily targetsWhether you’re in Dubai or in your home country, you can start applying for the job and once you are assigned an interview date, you can sort the list in order of the interview dates. Take some time to read the job description, alter the CV and cover letter accordingly, and just hit the Send button! However, you should ensure that you invest all your efforts in setting a daily target for yourself.


  1. Build your network:

In the case of finding international jobs, you could even try the strategy of networking. An effective approach allows you to take assistance from the professional people. Have you made an account on the networking platforms such as LinkedIn? Why not? It allows you to build your network and become acquainted with the people of diverse realms. An advantage of networking occurs when the recruiters tend to hire the candidates who are preferred by their internal staff. Therefore, you should spread your intention of working in Dubai to your network.


  1. Attend the walk-in interviews:

You’ve made the plan and set out your daily targets, isn’t it? Did you land in Dubai? Once you have stepped into the country, you should strive to appear for as many walk-in interviews as you can. Walk-in interviews are defined as reaching the respective company office without any prior appointments or scheduled meetings. However, during an interview, you must make sure to tell the employer that you’ll return to your home country on the particular date and they can contact you through email, phone, or any other means.


A person who invests all the efforts, time and skills in finding the best job for him/her is the one who eventually lands not only in the prospective country but also in the prospective company. Follow these tips in order to look for a job in Dubai even on the visit visa. All the best!

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