UAE Driving License

How to Mention UAE Driving License in CV

Building a CV with all the attributes and skills clearly mentioned in a professional way is somewhat a challenging phase in a job seeker’s life. At many times, mainly individuals are stuck in presenting their technical expertise as well as competencies, which is one of the essential parts in CV writing. Nowadays, job hunting has become one of the intense yet obnoxious phases, which either makes life or simply ends up with nothing in hands. In UAE and other adjoining regions, more efforts are required in crafting a CV with the aim to demonstrate how well you served in previous firms while how much enthusiastic as well as willing you are to perform well in future positions.

Your CV is the first step to making your professional career, which supports you in walking the roads of success. The first impression can’t always be the last impression but CV is something, which is crafted in such a way that reflects you and your potentials expertly. Most of the firms and multinational companies in UAE are always looking for critical information written on the CV that is the primary requirement for any job position. However, highlighting personal information clearly brings more opportunities for success. It is one of the strengthening points to ponder that CVs should reflect the personal information concisely but effectively. Make sure you are stepping the corporate world to shake hands with a greater deal of professional breakthroughs rather than receiving goodbyes from all of the reputable firms.

Is it necessary to add a driving license in a CV is one of the foremost questions, which a number of candidates have raised in their professional grooming lessons. We have come across some expert talks and researches that the recruiters in the UAE are always on a hunt of employees who possesses a driving license of their current vicinity. Highlighting the vital information in personal regards, the driving license also has the same worth in CV just like other pieces of details. While considering major concerns for putting the driving license details in CV, here you can find impressive guidelines to write a CV by placing the accurate driving details in appropriate places:applying for a driving job in dubai

  • If you are applying for a driving job, then definitely driving license would be the ladder to availing the opportunity. Make sure your UAE driving license in Dubai must be added in the title of the CV so that the recruiter can easily spot the candidate’s expertise.


  • Recruiters tend to put their eagle eyes over the technical skills mentioned in your CV and that’s why sometimes, driving license is not even considered. If you’ve applied or willing to apply to one of those jobs, you must not put off the important details beneath the insignificant details. Instead, mention your unspecific information at the tail of your resume. Also, your driving license should be mentioned in conjunction with such information so that it does not make your CV look sufficiently haphazard.


  • UAE driving license for jobA straightforward CV is what agrees taking up much interest of a recruiter. Mention your UAE driving license in Dubai in the personal information section so that your prior details are acknowledged with the qualification as well as the abilities leading to prosper the future.


  • Your professional summary on CV defines your career path more effectively and thus, it must be written professionally to reflect your professionalism. In this section, the driving license details can be written to showcase your off-job technicalities to ease the life’s afflictions.

Make sure your CV will take you to your fruitful destinations and that is why it must never be compromised in any way. Whether you put such details in any of the sections of CV, be sure to perform energetically no matter what.